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The Homegrown Revival is a gathering of music loving people in the Piney Woods just outside of Hattiesburg, MS.  The festival began in late 2020, providing a much needed space for sharing music and fellowship during the lockdowns.  Held at a small, natural amphitheater hosting fewer than 400 ticketed patrons, The Homegrown Revival has continued to be the perfect place to gather with friends and family and listen to some of the best local and regional acts around. 


The Homegrown Revival's mission is to provide an inclusive space where all attendees can experience stellar original music and art in a natural outdoor space. The Homegrown Revival is an experience centered event with a culture of love and acceptance, focusing on providing what many lacked during the lockdowns -- the connection to community so necessary for our mental health as human beings. Our wish is that the Homegrown Revival family leaves our festival feeling renewed, supported and connected to their community. 

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